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Friends Program

Friends of Gaylin Estates is essentially a rewards program that enables all our esteemed clients to participate and earn a reward that requires virtually no effort from your side. It simply works on the basis that if you introduce either a potential seller or landlord to your Gaylin Area Agent that results in a particular deal being successfully concluded, you will receive a gratuity equal to 10% (Ten Percent) of the agencies commission.

We certainly do value your commitment and support in becoming a Friend of Gaylin Estates and participating in our easy to enter, minimal effort gratuity program.

Our vastly experienced, qualified and formidable team of accredited agents are available to assist you in joining up and becoming a Friend.

We would again like to thank you personally for giving our Agent the opportunity to discuss this possibility with you. We certainly look forward to adding you to our growing Family.

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Receive a gratuity equal to 10% of the agencies commission

The Program Includes:

Sellers for residential properties

Landlords for property rentals

All commercial type properties as well as property management

Should you wish to join the 'Friends of Gaylin' Programme, download our brochure, fill in your details, and send it to your Agent or email it to

Participation Guideline

Friends of Gaylin Estates is the name given to the gratuity program and is presented by Gaylin Estates.

It is a rewards program whereby Clients who become Friends can earn a monetary reward for referring all clients to us on the following basis:

  • Participation is open to any consumer, service providers and all businesses.
  • To become a Friend, simply complete the attached Rewards Agreement with your Gaylin Area Agent.

If the friend introduces either a potential seller or landlord to Gaylin Estates or, through their Area Agent that results in the deal being successfully concluded, then Gaylin Estates will undertake to pay the Friend a gratuity of 10% (Ten Percent).

It is the responsibility of the Member/Friend to declare all additional income to the SA Receiver of Revenue.

Gaylin Estates have the right, without limitation, to change, limit, modify or cancel program rules, regulations, rewards and reward levels from time to time. However, all existing deals that are awaiting registration will not be affected.

The Friend reserves the right to withdraw from the program whereby written notice must be given.